In Memory of Dr John T. Palmer

Passed 10/20/2015

In Memory of Dr Tony F. Ciuffo

Passed 7/3/2016

About: Listen Up, Jesus Is On The Air!


God loves you! We will be interviewing spiritually inclined people giving witness to God's love and greatness.


College Grad takes over “Listen Up Jesus is on the Air!”


November 6, 2016. It was a Sunday morning. I woke up and thought with such curiosity and zeal, “what happened to the radio show”? One night at a dinner event in 2011, the radio show “Listen Up Jesus is on the Air!” was born. Dr. Anthony Ciuffo, a businessman, and Dr. John Palmer, a psychologist, came together and thought of sharing and spreading their love for Jesus to others through the radio. The radio show was broadcast live every Saturday morning from 10am-11am on the radio dial 1240AM (WGBB). CD copies were made of every show and all of the shows of “Listen Up Jesus is on the Air!” is currently on the website:


The radio show continued until October 2016 with Joan Ciuffo, (Anthony Ciuffo’s wife), as host of the final show. The last show was in loving memory of Joan’s husband, Dr. Ciuffo and Dr. Palmer, their friend. Both Dr. Palmer and Dr. Ciuffo passed away this year. They left an extraordinary legacy of faithful service and love to all.


Let’s return to the year 2016. My name is Caterina Viti and I recently graduated from Stony Brook University in May of 2016 as a Spanish and Sociology major. On Sunday November 6, 2016, I went to mass at my home church of St. Catherine of Sienna in Franklin Square, N.Y. After the mass, I asked our pastor Monsignor Rick if the radio show was still on the air after Tony (Dr. Ciuffo’s) death in July of 2016. He told me that the show unfortunately ended but that I should speak to Joan Ciuffo for more information. I felt in my heart that it would be a shame to see the good work Dr. Ciuffo and Dr. Palmer did through the radio show come to an end. Their funny, engaging, and informational shows brought the Catholic faith to life. Incredibly, Joan Ciuffo walked right into the room after Monsignor Rick uttered those words. I approached Joan with the interest of continuing the show. Joan patiently spoke with me that day discussing the format of the radio show, which includes guest speakers, a scriptural reflection, a saint of the day, music, etc. Shortly after that day, I contacted the station manager of WGBB. The rest you can say is history!


In life, we must be willing to say yes and take a step of faith into the unknown. The radio show “Listen Up Jesus is on the Air!” debuted on December 3, 2016. All of the shows, pictures, videos, etc. will continue to be on the website: I stepped out in faith to help others grow closer to God; however, I am receiving so much more than I ever thought. I had no idea that 7 months after graduating college I would be the host of a radio show! Life is full of surprises and through the radio show; I am meeting new people and learning more about my faith. I am also developing leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills. I hope that all, especially young people, will “comprehend with all the holy ones what is the breadth, length, height and depth…[of] the love of Christ.”-Ephesians 3:17-19. This love of God heals and uplifts all. So come on! Listen Up, Jesus is on the Air!

Dr. John Palmer's Bio is as follows:


John Palmer is a psychologist who combines spirituality and prayer into each therapy session.  He believes that you see a therapist one one or two hours per week and that during the other 166 hours you should spend time in relationship with God.


He feels strongly that without the presence of God in therapy, all that happens is circumlocution.  The presence of God breaks up talking in circles.

Dr. Anthony F. Ciuffo's Bio is as follows:


Anthony Ciuffo earned his Doctor of Philosophy Degree, with a Concentration in Business and Emphasis on Entrepreneurship. His specialization is business development and business start-ups.  Anthony has started and operated twelve businesses. He is a businessman, author, college instructor and advisor.


He believes that Jesus is gently telling us that he wants to be involved in all aspects of our lives, religious, personal, family, friends, work and business.  With His involvement, we will not fail.  Jesus is a loyal friend and should be the center and CEO of our lives.






In Loving Memory of Dr John T. Palmer / Passed 10/20/2015


In Loving Memory of Dr Anthon F. Ciuffo / Passed 7/3/2016